Referring Doctors and Study Club


敬請打印出此 推薦表格 表明您發送病人的原因,以及您的聯繫方式. 即使患者的保險並不需要轉院, 我們需要從您的推薦表格給我們備案,以避免任何類型的困惑. 請把採取在你的辦公室,任何相關的X射線. 如果傳統的X射線進行測量,並且你會需要它們返回, 我們的辦公室將採取數字化X射線為我們的病人記錄. 謝謝您的合作.

This year, 博士. Hung has founded Morning Glory Women Dentists Network of New Jersey to further provide educational and social networking opportunities uniquely designed for women dentists in the State of New Jersey. Please stay in tune for more exciting news!

Our practice has been hosting continuing education courses several times a year for our referring doctors. All courses are approved by New Jersey State Board of Dentistry. Please contact us to further your educational interests.