Patient Review

Dear Yuan Cathy Hung and Assistants in oral surgery center, I want to say thank you for removing my tooth from the back of my mouth. You guys are the best service because you both did it right away and I'm really really thankful that one of my wisdom tooth is takin out from the back is gone so I wouldn't have problems biting my cheeks again while I'm eating. The paper that you guys gave me to do for my gums to heal was hard and challenging but I got it alright. My gums doesn't hurt as before. I appreciate what you guys did for me in Prospect Oral Surgery Center, LLC and my gratitute is thank you for letting me be your number 1 patient. God bless you guys for everything of what you both did was excellent and good job for taking the X-ray of my teeth before you took one out. And thanks again for everything

- Samuel Onuoha

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