Referring Doctors and Study Club

Dear Referring Doctors:

Please kindly print out this referral form indicating the reasons you are sending the patient as well as your contact information. Even if the patient’s insurance does not require referral, we will need a referral form from your for our record to avoid any type of confusion. Please send any related X-rays that were taken in your office. If traditional X-rays were taken and you would need them returned, our office will take digital X-rays for our patient record. Thank you for your cooperation.

This year, Dr. Hung has founded “Morning Glory Women Dentists Network of New Jersey” to further provide educational and social networking opportunities uniquely designed for women dentists in the State of New Jersey. Please stay in tune for more exciting news!

Our practice has been hosting continuing education courses several times a year for our referring doctors.  All courses are approved by New Jersey State Board of Dentistry. Please contact us to further your educational interests.

Prospect Oral Surgery Center